He is Forever

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.” – Isaiah 40:8

If there be one thing that will surely not fade, will not change and will stand forever; and that is the word of our God.

People come and go, they will change, they care for you today and tomorrow will not. They might love you this week but the week after next would not be anymore. But, whatever our circumstances today, tomorrow and in the future, God will stand on us. He’s the one thing that surely will not leave us. The flowers will bloom and get withered, but the Love of our Lord will never change.

If one thing that is constant in our world and I believe it’s not change, but that is God’s love and word.

Lumipas man ang mga araw, buwan at taon, isa lang ang sasabihin natin God is always with us.

God is the one who will help us overcome whatever circumstances we are in. He will be the one who’ll give us new hope, new beginnings. Like in every rain, there’s always a rainbow that shows us there is a new tomorrow waiting for us.
Just put our trust in Him. We will not feel tired, frustrated, stressed or scared. He is always there to calm the storms in us. Let us just let God be God in our life. Sometimes God is putting us in a situation we don’t know the reason behind, but as we put our trust in Him we later on know the answers. =)


**07|14|12 @ Prayer Mountain


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