Hongkong Trip 2012

My first out of the country trip. And was an unexpected one. Thanks to my former colleague and now my true friend. ☺ Krystle

It started with a joke that I wanted to join her on her trip to Hongkong and without any hesitation, she agreed.  She helped me find a seat sale and booked. Hooray! I will be flying in a plane. ✈ (feeling excited)

Before our trip, one of our colleagues also joined.

We agreed to create a google doc for planning our trip, from our flight to the hotel that we are staying and our itineraries especially our budget. 💰

We left Manila December 13, 2012, 19:10H ✈

Our trip was kinda a rainy one. Felt scared a little since it was my first try. 😤

We arrived in Hongkong at around 21:00 since our flight got delayed because of the weather. With the same time zone from Manila.

Since our travel period is December, we got prepared for the weather there since this would be a cold season. ✳

From HK Airport we took an Airport bus and took the MTR going to Kowloon for our Hostel

We stayed here:

Block A, 3rd Floor, ChungKing Mansions, NO36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong  – 香港九龙尖沙咀弥顿道36-44号重庆大厦A座3楼 チョンキンマンションA座3階

Since we arrived late, after we checked in, we decided  to get out and start to explore our first day/night in HK.

00:00 in HK

Our first meal in HK 🍵

Our Day 01.05: 

Avenue of the Stars ~ Clock Tower ~ Shopping District ~ Mongkok ~ Night market


Day 02.05:

Hong Kong Disneyland


The Surprise 🎁🎉🎈

This two was so sweet, since this travel is my Birth month, they prepared something for me. 🍸🍧 One of my Birthday moments that I will forever cherish.

Thank you! 😍😘☺


23rd Birthday @ HK 




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