Sometimes You Just Need Your “Me Time”

I don’t really know what I am feeling today.

I am just too irritated on the things that happened today. The worst thing I ever do is to WAIT. I just don’t know why. It’s just freaking me out.

Second when you already said “YES” to a thing or something to do then suddenly you change your mind. Oh! Crap!

We Filipinos are like that. We always change our mind and never think of the things or what the effect will be. Let our Yes be Yes. (No matter what the circumstance is, if it’s not a manner of life and death, medyo mahiya din naman tayo..) That’s what we call “Isang Salita”.

Third, some kind of priorities. Well, we all have our own priorities, In my case, I can still prioritize or make time for the things I really love. Yeah! Yeah! Iba iba nga naman tayo. That’s why life is unfair. (Blahblablabla… :p) They envy you for something you have which they want, but they didn’t know you feel vice versa. (Magulo no? :D) Hahaha.. Then the last that makes my heart pound a little heavier is when I’m listening to that crap song. (And also thinking why I did.) The song is The man that can’t be moved.

Wh? Is that how he is feeling? Still he can’t be moved? Still hoping? Ohh what the….

Well, I don’t know. I know I can figure this out soon. But for now, I am feeling relieved. And feeling a little bit lighter.

-Me Time = Alone Time

-Time for your self

-Time to Think things on your own.
-Moment of truth.

Thanks to my Banana Split Combination in Red Mango Greenbelt 3. 04|02|2014



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