piatto di pasta è molto buona


cibo è delizioso

That’s how can I describe the food in this place. I really planned it too long to visit that Italian Pasta Plate Place near in La Salle Vito Cruz. Then good thing as I was browsing some deals site, I saw it at so, as fast as I could, I bought one voucher that is good for P300 worth of food and drinks.

I planned it to use last holiday when I am at home, but unluckily it’s not valid for that day. So I think of another day where in I can go to that place and avail my voucher. And here’s Mother’s Day celebration. (Yipee! I have a date for this day.) But unluckily again the store is closed during Sundays. 😦

So the next day, my best friend and I decided to stop over on this place since my voucher is valid only until 15 May 2014, and what’s the day na. 😀

Whew! The taste of a pasta is really AWESOME and delizioso. You can even think that you’ve been to Italy for that pasta.

The Cheezy Chicken Pesto I ordered was definitely a yum! Yum! The spiciness of the pasta blended my creamy chicken pesto was a really a good taste. 👌👌 I even have on my mind the next order I will get.

You really must try it. The prices are really affordable. And the place is also Italian inspired.

I think, my #1 passion is not traveling anymore, but tasting different food cuisines, well I can even travel by there foods. :👌🍴🍝

Pasta Plate is located near La Salle Vito Cruz.

Till next food stop.



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