Accounting – Balance – Bank Recon, is my passion?

The Job I Love
The Job I Love

Whew! I am not that good in Math, they usually says that in order to be a good accountant you need to be very good in Math. Oh, I tell you it’s not really true. All you have to know is how to use the basic principle in Math, which is MDAS. And that’s it. (Usually 1 + 1 will be using calculator. ) It’s not a joke.

Being an “accountant”, needs a heart, patience and perseverance. Imagine to reconcile bank end balances against book balances not just one account, but five. Yes! It’s five. Where in there are different kinds of account, peso and dollar. Oh my gosh!

That’s my everyday practice, that also applies in my real life. (To connect accounting in real life. :D)

Heart that in every problems there’s a possible solution. Sometimes you just need to forced balance it. Hahahaha.

Patience that everything will be balance in right amount of time, right amount of focus and passion.

Lastly, perseverance that you will be successful that in the end of the month, amounts will be balanced. That you already knew the right process and formula for every equation.

You were able to analyze, that in every Multiplication there is an equivalent answer that is exactly needed in your Division. And every addition you need to subtract the excesses.

In short, less baggage you carry the lighter the load is.

So, the question, Accounting, Balance and Bank Recon is my passion?

Yes indeed.


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