Need to compromise?


As I was checking for the meaning of compromise, I discovered its synonym “understanding” and “trade-off”. And I concentrated more in its verb meaning, “accept standards that are lower than is desirable” meaning you need to adjust. Yes a big word for me. Adjust or Compromise.

Why there are lots of people, who don’t care about their environments? Wherein they focused more on themselves, (self-centered.) what they want, and not thinking about the others feelings? Are they used to be like this, or maybe I can call them a “loner”. Why? Because people, who are always alone, never taught about the others, its surrounding, they never feel what the others will feel. So numb. They doesn’t avoid people literally but based on their actions, they are the one giving reasons to be avoided. Bad Vibes.

Sometimes, you need to put down your egos, your selfless dramas and other heavy loading that you always carry. Hello! Life is too short for that kind of dramas. You need to take off the load and be happy. You need to compromise things in order for you to be understood.

Life is not always about you only. We have lots of burdens, loads. We have different problems, different life scenarios, and different business, don’t just think about yours. You’re not helping yourself; instead you’re putting yourself lower. Why? Instead someone will befriend you, will listen to you, I tell you they will not. They will just ignore you. Imagine, you have a good day or good morning and suddenly that someone will bump you with a make face, will you greet her instead? You will just keep quiet and tell yourself, blablablabla… She thinks she has the only one who has a problem. She is carrying the whole world again. Hahahaha 😀

(to be continued…)



Sometimes you need it.
Sometimes you need it.

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