Broken to Broken

When you’re just starting to pick up those pieces from past aches and pain and here it goes again. Feeling that those shattered pieces will be broken a little bit more until you cannot bring them back to were it is used to be.

Where I am coming from?

I felt it before, from being broken to broken, that’s why you made choices not shouldn’t be chosen. Mistakes of choices, chosen to be just the second best. But I knew I didn’t give it all, learned to kept for my self. Until one day, there’s this man, knocking on the door asking me to love him. You knew everything he’d been through.

And finally, made another choice, choice to make it up into your life. You build walls, so that you can protect yourself from the pain that it may caused you. But, he destroyed that wall and made him love him so much from what were used to love. You became weak from that love, consumed you and forgotten the walls you built.

And now you see yourself being broken again.

Being shattered again. What will you do?

Are you willing to risk again? Are you willing to play the game again? When you knew that from the start you are a loser. That you’ll never win.

When you’re starting to feel the second option. Isn’t it possible that make him feel that you’re worth fighting for.

From: An open-mind & naughty mind.


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