Today I decide to..

Today I decided to free my heart with all the pains, heart aches I’ve been through. 

After last night, me time, realization moments, making those pillow wet, I decided this is the time. The right time to set my heart from pain, burdens and everything that makes this heart so heavily burden. I need to take a lot of courage to go back to where it all started. Where my heart started to crashed and broken.

After 3 long years, this is about time to say sorry and to say you are forgiven. It really takes a lot of courage to admit that it was also “my” fault. Why things are like this, why I am feeling heavily burden. What if I decided to make things right before, am I here? Am I getting hurt like this? 

For you, I am really really sorry. And you are now forgiven.

I wanna close and end my July with a new start. Fresh beginning. This month really exhausts me, drained me, shattered me.

 And I pray that this August will be a new beginning from me.

I know from being broken, I can be whole again.





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