100 Days Countdown for our 365 Roller Coaster Ride called LOVE

Since I am on an idle moment right now, not because there’s no work load it’s just I can’t really focus on work because of some technical issues in our AC here in the building. (So what’s the connection? :D)

So, I decided to put an entry on my blog, I’m not used to blog almost everyday even I wanted to.

So what’s this all about?

I decided to make a 100 days countdown “note” for my best heart mine. 🙂 (Sounds making cheessy moves :p) So, right now I am on my #Day10of100 🙂 Well, what makes me do this? It’s just not everyday is a good day, there where days that we both feel we are on the stormy side of our relationship. We’re not sweet-sour, but there where things that comes along this relationship and makes me think that I should go with the flow, like what ever happens today, I should be thankful. Like what her Mom told me during one of our conversation, “You should be thankful for every minute you have, because we never know what will happen next.” I am just so lucky that my mom’s best is a Christ-centered mom, I can feel every words/advises she’s giving me, she always makes me feel I am one of her daughter. She always enlightens me with God’s word. Thank You Lord for her mom. 🙂 And I wanted to Thank God also for giving me a lot of patience and love in my heart, that even though I wanted to give-up, to end it, He always give me reason to stand up and go fight. I pray to God, to give me more and more every single day. 🙂 So, till here first. But nonetheless, I will share my Day 10 of 100. 🙂

The Love and Affection You Showed Me…


I have had the pleasure of experiencing life to the fullest and living it, like I had no care in the world. Having said that nothing could have ever prepared me for what you brought to the table. The love and affection that you showed me with is almost incomparable and I know now that all my life you were that one thing that was missing. I have you with me now and I know that I never want to let you go. I love you more that words will ever be able to express.



100 Days of Love

Best Heart Mine Mhaine 09.17.2014


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