Note: Don’t Lose Your Love <3

With kiss by kiss you can build a woman’s happiness and in her smiles you will find the reward for all your efforts, because nothing will bring you more happiness and fulfillment that the love and devotion of a heart in love with you!

Life it’s a journey, not from birth to death, nor from poverty to wealth, life is a luxury journey through the universe of your soul, through emotions and feelings, thoughts, memories, experiences, accomplishments, choices and revelations… and at the end only a suitcase will wait you, an old and dusty suitcase and a voice will tell you “from here you took what determined you to start your longest and harder trip down there, what gave you the courage to start on a road whose end could not be seen, what gave you the strength to face the darkness off unknowing. In this suitcase you kept what was most dear to your soul. Do you remember what you had to bring back?”

My love, on your life way this is my role, to always remember you what’s most dear to your soul and you should not ever lose!


#HeartInLove #Day23of100


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