It’s Okay Not To Be Okay…

Is it really okay not to be okay?

After what happened yesterday as unexpected as it was, I was left in a shocked mode, hanging situation. Wherein I don’t know how to stop to cry, even until now. I never taught that it was coming as fast as it was. I felt I was hit by a car, and when I wake up I was in the ER. Why things need to come to an end? Where in you were both happy together before this tragic moment happen. I felt I was lost, loose the battle that I’ve been trying to win. 😦

Why things need to fall, loosen the grip, WHY?? Can somebody tell me please. Why things need to come to an end?

Goodbyes are not really good, how can you say there is a good in every bye? Where in there is someone you will left broken? There is someone crying it out loud, there is someone looses everything. There is someone who doesn’t know where to start again.

Well, maybe, love is about the good timing.

When will it be for Me and for Him?

Can we have our “good timing?”


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