Sagaad.. Sagaad.. Sagada 2014

To complete my 365 days this year
I got bruises, I got wounded, I cried and about to give up, but it taught me to be a stronger person, that there is no Limit with God. That there are lots of wonderful and beautiful creations that I am about to see.

From 9hours land trip, to reach Banaue- 12hrs to reach Sagada. From giving up to Spelunking, finishing Caving with bruises and wounds, felt amazed with their traditional way of Hanging coffins, their special talents Weaving and Pottery. From feeling toooo tired because of these 2-4km trekking to see Bomod-ok Falls. To taste their specialties from Coffee to Lemon Pie. Specially, their Yoghurt. 😀 To witness the Sunset and the Sunrise in a perfect-cold weather. And to feel warmth with there Bonfire Fest.

To sum it all, I deserve to wear a “I Survived Sagada”.

A perfect thing to end this 2014.
Sagada Pa More! 🙂

Thanks to my friends who invited me to this trip: Tin, Jesse and Krystle. 🙂


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