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20 Signs Your Friendship Has Reached The BFF Level

Thought Catalog

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  1. You are invited to the same party as them and it’s automatically assumed that you will go together. Or be included in each other’s group of friends. You stop asking the other, “Who are you going with?” or “Are you coming with your friends?” because what friend? You’re that friend now.
  2. They call you first thing when they are in need/ an emergency.Like when they have a very bad date and have no idea how to GTFO or when they lose their wallet and need you to come take their ass home.
  3. People would ask one of you about the other because your social media is now overloaded with photos of you two doing weird things together. Their silly face is probably on your Facebook profile picture and latest Instagram selfie.
  4. They suggest travelling together and you both are actually excited about it because at this point you know…

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