What Love Can Do? ❤️

What love can do? How it will change you? How will it affects you?

Let’s see what does LOVE did. 😍

Once there was a girl who loved deeply with all of her heart. And when her heart was broken, it burst into a million pieces, like shards of glass from a broken mirror. She guarded those shattered pieces as if they were her most precious jewels, and built up a gray wall of sadness where passion once grew free. She found she could protect that wall by not loving anyone again. Overtime this wall grew stronger, and weeds and thorns covered it. And all the while the girl grew bitter, as the wall suffocated her with the same sadness and fear it was built with.

Once there was a boy who met a broken girl with a wall too high to climb. He could see the pain in her eyes, he could hear the sorrow in her voice. Try as he might to talk to her, that wall always got in the way. She might smile, but her eyes remained indifferent. She might laugh, but the laughter did not linger. She might talk, yet the conversation was empty. The boy couldn’t stay away from the girl with the wall, and vowed to see her escape. And so he spent quite a while discovering why the wall was to high, and he got to know the girl. And the more he got to know the girl, the shorter that wall became.

He made her smile so much, that her eyes couldn’t help but smile too. He made her laugh so loud, it sounded like church bells. He talked to her enough, that soon she was initiating the conversation, and smiling and laughing the whole time. The boy did not try to climb that wall the girl had built. He simply helped her break it down.

You cannot save people from themselves.

You can only help people save themselves.

And yes, you can’t changed or save them, you can just helped them. To prove to them that “there’s always a rainbow, after the rain”

I am just that “girl” who choose to build a wall and now learning to break it down with the helped of that “boy”.👫


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