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The Art of Moving On

The Art of Moving On by Dawnavie Dadis for

[Entry 71, The SubSelfie Blog]

Do you remember your first heartbreak? A puppy love perhaps. The time when your darling with those big brown eyes ignored your glances? Or when your mutual affection became muted?

It was just a crush then but it already broke your young heart. Just imagine the pain of losing someone you really loved. After all the years, time, affection, kisses and commitment, how will you move on?

The Aftermath of a Farewell

When it’s all over, there is a numbing sensation at first. You feel every part of you ache even though your body is perfectly fine. Much like Son Goku‘s quest for the Dragon Balls, you gather the pieces together, and then summon whoever you believe can grant you a wish.

A wish that the breakup is just a dream. A wish that everything will go back to the way things were.


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