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WildFlour Cafè + Bakery

A treat or a motivation?

I don’t know what would I categorize this. 😀

It started with a TOXIC work and followed with a tight deadline. So in short, we are asked to deliver the project in a certain timeline. And finally WE did. Thanks for the people who helped.

Until now, I can’t answer this as a treat or a motivation? 😀

But let me share to you my experience dining in. At WILDFLOUR Cafe + Bakery in Rada, Makati courtesy of Ms. Powers (our GM). It is located few blocks from our Office here in JAKA Bldg.  Our admin officer made a reservation for 6 since we anticipated  that it will be very crowded for the time we’ll arrive.

We arrived here at around 11:55 am and we are correct most tables are now occupied. Its interior was so classy including its high ceiling and industrial feel. The one that was reserved for us was the long table located at the corner and perfect for a bigger group like us.

After they took our orders, their complimentary bread arrives. It was crusty and chewy. Yummy! 🍞

And of course, since I made some research what to order, for my refreshing drink this what I have.

What we have for lunch are JUST these: 😛

WILD MUSHROOM SALAD, wild aragula, Fuji apples, pistachios, parmesan. ~ I am not fond of eating vegetables, but this was a good shot.

MUSSELS AND FRIES, local green mussels, garlic, butter, parsley, homemade French Fries. ~ Waaah! 👌🏻 The mussels were really good. And the Fries was really tasty, sad, that you can’t order fries alone.🍟🍵

KIMCHI FRIED RICE, tender braised beef brisket, fried egg ~ It was not spicy as you think.

ROAST ORGANIC CHICKEN, mashed potato, bacon lardon, organic carrots, sauce coq au vin ~ Wow! Just wow. Twas a very delicious chicken I ever tasted. 🍗

HOMEMADE LASAGNA, classic bolognese, ground beef, Italian sausage, mozzarella, tomato sauce

SALTED CARAMEL CHOCO CAKE ~ It was really great. With a literal salt that you can saw on top of the cake. The taste of sweetness and salty was really a good reward for your taste buds.

I think I can differentiate now what this for.

decent reward for a hard working YOU. 👍🏻👌🏻👊🏻


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