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Broken Friendship, Betrayal, and Emotions

Sunflowers and Green Tea

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Betrayal is one of the worst things in life that can end a friendship. For there to be betrayal, there couldn’t have been a genuine friendship to take place. Remember, your friends only want the very best for you. Our friends want us to succeed and live a happy life.

Why do people close to us hurt us the most?
I’ve learned in life that we all have different values. Think about what qualities you value in a person. I value honesty, loyalty, empathy, and sensitivity. Do the people you consider to be your friends share the same values as you? Many of us get hurt because we are building relationships with people who do not know how to love, share, and respect others.

Usually when we experience betrayal we want to turn away from people. You don’t have to stop building relationships with people. You just…

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