Pray, SomeStuff

Leader vs Follower

One Big Realization:

Cell leaders are still prone to errors, they commit mistakes, they can forget to remind you of things you need to be reminded of, they might neglect us (they never meant to), they can even commit Sin.
But, if we will not look to them as just an ordinary man, but we’ll look to them as God-given guardian, we will still follow and trust them. They are the one accountable for us in the Lord.

But, as CELL MEMBERS we need to follow them as they are the one God put in-front of us. We need to understand them, PRAY for them and support them.

Let’s not look to our LEADERS weaknesses, instead PRAY for them that God will give them enough strength.
And most, Let’s not look to people, but always KEEP our EYES only to GOD.

~To be a good leader, you need to be a good follower.~


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