Two Faced Mask ðŸ˜±ðŸ˜¤

Well, it seems that I am surrounded by two-faced mask people lately and it really getting on my nerves. I really don’t get it how people can be so great with you in your face and be nice, but behind your back , they say some of the most nastiest and terrible things about you and then you find out about it later.

“What goes around comes around.”

And it’s definitely true. These days finding nice, kind and straightforward is really HARD to find. You just have to be lucky to encounter that special person who promises, to be honest, and real with you.

It is not fair to the person who has put her trust into someone and who has expressed, given all the feelings to that person about a serious situation or crisis a friend is going through whether it’s for a relationship, family issues, friend issues, work issues, and very personal things that person has talked about and some people who are two faces spread it and behind your back, and they do not even care about you.

Backstabbing someone is not a good trait to develop. It leads to a lifelong struggle and it leads to a person not to trust anyone anymore about problems.

I cannot stress how important it is TO BE YOURSELF and to re-evaluate all the people in your life and stick with the ones whom always have your back in situations like this. Be who you are. There are people out there who appreciate you and they will not backstab you and be two-faced with other people. These certain issues of the world can cause tension and stress, but do not let it stress you out. One day someone will teach two-faced people a lesson. Just wait.

Like what I quoted, “What goes around, comes around.”





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