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Is it Good Bye For Us?

Ex? Exes?

Is this for Lovers only? I think it wasn’t, it’s also for…

Ex-Best friend,


I never thought things will come to an end for us both. But yes it did. 😞 Forever also doesn’t exist on us, the thing we thought we had.

All those nights we spent in my room, food trips, gala modes, we never thought that our 9th-year friendship will take its period. From best friends to perfectly strangers. 😢 Part of me wants to cry when I think about this, but part of me is so grateful that we were able to fully enjoy those moments because we thought it would be like that forever. 

Please remember this:

It doesn’t mean I still don’t care about you, I always will. I’ll always remember what makes you smile and what breaks your heart. You may be a different person now, I’ll never know. But, I’ll always know the person I loved. And that person was my best friend. The person I’d go to for anything, no matter what it was about. You saw me at my weakest points when you had to hold my head above water. (Especially when I needed na maligo sa ulan because of that stupid reason you knew)  You watched me beam when I had everything to be proud of, and for those moments I will always be grateful. I never took you for granted then, and I definitely won’t now.


Not everyone we meet is meant to stay. Some are meant to only last a day, others maybe a year. But I’m glad we had 9 roller coaster years. I never thought you were going to be someone who didn’t stick around forever, but that’s the sad part of our story. Whatever time has passed since we’ve gone our separate ways, I can guarantee that you’ve crossed my mind.

Until we cross paths again, bezzie.

With ❤️,

Cox ❤️




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