Love, SomeStuff

Parang Choco Latte 🎶

(While Reading this: Please listen to Chocolatte by Parokya )

Ewan ko ba kung
mahirap ibalik
Sa original na hugis
pagnalusaw na sa init

Parang tiwala pag nasira
Mahirap nang ayusin pa
Di kayang ipagdikit ang tiwala
Pag napunit!


Did I really learn?

Question for myself right now. Well, basically I was betrayed again.. and AGAIN and AGAIN..

I never learned. Lucky for them, but, Bad for me.

Well, maybe because I am really a transparent one, I open my real life story, I say what I feel, you’ll know when I am okay with you, and you know that I am angry with you. You can not label me as “PLASTIC”. 😀

But I don’t know why there are people who will use your kindness to benefit them. Why they are such? 😭

Why it’s easy for me to trust them, and easy for them to broke it?

So please learn from this:

Trust is a skill –  it doesn’t “just happen”. It’s a skill that can be developed and learned through INTENTIONAL EFFORT.

Trust drives results – it isn’t just a “soft” interpersonal skill that fills our relationships with warm fuzzies, unicorns, and rainbows.

Last BUT not the least..

Trust BEGINS with YOU – Without risk, there’s no need for trust. Trust and risk go hand in hand. In order for trust to develop, someone has to be the first to extend it. It’s been said that the best way to see if someone is trustworthy is to trust them.


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