Respect is for those who deserve it not for those who demand it.


Why there are people who eagerly wants to get that “respect” but doesn’t know how to give one.

Respect is something that you need to earn, it’s not something that you can ask for. And I can’t give it to you if you doesn’t know how to respect me too…

You can never ask something that you don’t have. So before asking me/us to respect you please do so first.

And to tell you, YES!!

You are really getting on my nerves. You are just so lucky that my parents taught me to be kind, not just to human but also to a human who acts like an animal.

If I am not raised well, I might have confronted you straight to your face and slap you with the truth, I just don’t know what is your problem to the people who surrounds you that are really happy in their lives.

Why you don’t want to see people happy? Because you’re not?

Well, it is not our problem if you are not raised in a well mannered and happy family.

Insecurities kill. And that’s why you are already dead. Your attitude towards us is a proof that YES you are not a PROFESSIONAL and not a MANNERED individual.


Can you please send yourself to school again and ask your values teacher to teach you good manners and right conduct

Because Respect begets respect


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