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Finding The One

“The One” – maybe you’re thinking about is the one = the love of my life = boyfriend = hubby

Well, it’s NOT… Recently there are lots of things that happened, issues and a lot of issues and now I learned or I came to my realization with this the One.

Well, I could say that I am lucky enough to both find my “the one”.

The One – The one I love and I know loves me most. (It’s not our topic so I will not focus on this the One)

The One – The One who is proven and tested ika nga nila. 🙂 I am lucky enough that she really do exist. We might not be always in good terms, I quarreled her, I scolded and I nagged but she always stood by my side. Through the darkest to the lightness of my life, she’s been there. She never left, never run but she’s STAYING all the time. She knows me 25/8 pa nga ata. She’s been my punching bag, receiver, and listener. One call away nga daw eh. And literally she IS. (Wag lang naka-silent)

Stop pleasing people who don’t really matter in your life. There’s a true friend out there waiting for you. There’s someone out there who will appreciate you for who you are inside. While you are trying to please those who don’t matter, you are missing out on those who do care. Learn how to appreciate those who welcome you and love you for who you are in life. They are all around you.

For me, it’s that one friend I can text or call when I feel sick and I’m in the middle of a panic attack. I know it sounds crazy, but those people are important in our lives. They care,. They matter. Let’s celebrate them. Let them know what they mean to you.

That’s why I wanna take this opportunity to say how much I do care, I appreciate and I love you. You’re not just “that” (Best Friend) but you are more than that (Superfriend). Thank you for listening to my endless story and sometimes pointless drama. Thank you for being there as always especially when I am in pain. Thank you for sharing happiness and joy with me. Thank you for not having any issues (And I hope none may come). 😀

Thank you may not enough to say, but I know that you know how much I do care. Things and time might be changing because of change of priorities but believe me, you are always in my heart. 🙂 There are things right now I need to focus about and I know you know it. 🙂 It’s for my little Callie 🙂 Just always enjoy and just share memories you had with other friends. 🙂

Thank You, Super Friend for being a Literally SUPER.





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