Get To Know Her


Friend of God / Reader / Traveler / Food Lover / Cell Leader / Cell Member / Teacher


From my name itself: I Am a Charming and Bubbly person, in the POV of the Greek mythology “Iris” is a rainbow and messenger of Gods, rainbow means different colors, with different personalities. So am I. I have lots of personalities and attitudes, but if you get to know me a lot, you will enjoy the different colors it represents. The Messenger of Gods, maybe that’s the real mission I need to do, to be a messenger of our God for His love for us.

Iris is represented either as a rainbow, or as a young maiden with wings on her shoulders. As a goddess, Iris is associated with communication, messages, the rainbow and new endeavors.

Friend of God. I can be your shoulder to cry on if you needed someone,  I will do everything for my friends happiness.

My first love and definitely I am still in love with, Reading. I love reading books that makes me inspired, makes me think of lots of things in life. Believe in happily ever after really do exist. Reading is one way for me to learn, learn in different aspects of life. Ask me, what’s my favorite book. It is the Bible.

Traveler? Oh recently I realized that my second passion is to Food Hop 😀 Yes. I thought that travelling is the second one, but yes indeed, it was to food hop (My new language :p) . I love to taste different cuisines of different countries, to try to take a sip of coffee in different coffee shops. Taste everything, whether it tastes good or not. But good thing, none at all fails me. Hahaha.

Coffee is really my comfort food.

Since, I realize now that the next one is to travel. Travel the whole wide world. It’s not just a dream but a desire of my heart. To step in to different places, accept and respect different cultures. To in still in my mind, that I really need to step on the ground before I get to go other places. Means stay HUMBLE. Want to travel to places where I can have my quiet time, I can burst out all my emotions in the sand, I can shout all my burdens on top of the mountain, and to see the beauty of God’s creation to us. I love to go to beaches where I can swim with the fishes, run in the sand with crabs, turtles and everything. And to make noise using the stones from the shore to the calming waters of the sea.

Cell Member before you can be a Good Cell Leader. You need to be a good follower for you to be able to be an effective leader. Practice what you preach.

But this is just a gist of what makes me whole.

Come a long with me in my adventure, as I explore our world, with each snippet of my writings..


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