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Hello & Goodbye

Para sa isang kaibigan: Good in every “GoodByes” Hindi ko din alam kung paano nila nasasabi na Hey! There’s a good in every goodbye, kung sa bawat pag sabi mo nito anjan ang mga luha na kasabay nitong nahuhulog. 😢 Pero susubukan ko na majustify ang salitang GOODBYE in a positive note. 🙂 “People come and… Continue reading Hello & Goodbye

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ˈsəmˌdā (Someday 🤞)

Someday We'll forget the Hurt. The reason we cried and who caused us pain. We will finally realize that the secret of being free is not revenge. But letting things unfold in their own way and own time. After all, What matters is not the first. But the last chapter of our life which shows… Continue reading ˈsəmˌdā (Someday 🤞)

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Parang Choco Latte 🎶

(While Reading this: Please listen to Chocolatte by Parokya ) Ewan ko ba kung bakit mahirap ibalik Sa original na hugis pagnalusaw na sa init Parang tiwala pag nasira na Mahirap nang ayusin pa Di kayang ipagdikit ang tiwala Pag napunit! Did I really learn? Question for myself right now. Well, basically I was betrayed again.. and… Continue reading Parang Choco Latte 🎶

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To My Girlfriends.. ❤👯‍♂️

A way to say thank you for showing me what friendship truly is. Life happens, people change and circumstances change. Not everything is constant. In fact, most things aren't. And, coincidentally, that's what makes life exciting: the unknown - having an entire vast and empty future before you to fill, with no known intent or… Continue reading To My Girlfriends.. ❤👯‍♂️

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Surprise Gift 🎁

The Day I Found Out: It was an ordinary day in the office when I told Dhai that I think my period is delayed. She told me you "you're just to stressed" and believed her that Yes I am just stressed. But days after our conversation I have not convinced anymore. I remembered that he was… Continue reading Surprise Gift 🎁

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Road to Forever?

After the years have passed, it all disappears. This is what some couples fail to see. After how many years, the spark will go. The reasons why you loved the other person will be unknown. The butterflies in your stomach will soon disappear. You will forget why you liked that person in the first place.… Continue reading Road to Forever?

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Does She Care?

"She doesn't care if other girls message you, but she does care if you try to hide it from her. She doesn't care if you hang out with your female friends, but she does care if you do it behind her back. She doesn't care if you're out with your friends, but she does care if… Continue reading Does She Care?