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Leader vs Follower

One Big Realization: Cell leaders are still prone to errors, they commit mistakes, they can forget to remind you of things you need to be reminded of, they might neglect us (they never meant to), they can even commit Sin. But, if we will not look to them as just an ordinary man, but we'll look… Continue reading Leader vs Follower

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Life is tough, but so are you 💪

Life is hard. You'll make mistakes and get broken several times. Let me just tell you that you should not be ashamed of the scars you get from being broken. For those scars are proof that when life was tough on you, you were tougher.   It is important to have people you trust. Choose who… Continue reading Life is tough, but so are you 💪

Pray, SomeStuff

Merci 2015! 🎊 🎉

    Another year passed by, so fast, it's like just a blink of an eye, not every year is the same because we went thru hardships, battles and even some losses. We conquered the year not with flying colors, but by each day of the year. Everyday struggle, that came from the people around… Continue reading Merci 2015! 🎊 🎉