Cell Group



I am so much blessed to have this disciples. I know that God will all use us in his Kingdom building. Always seek God first, and everything shall be attended up to us. -Matthew 6:33

My heart has been shattered for all those circumstances that comes along my way in building my G12, there were times that they will asked you if it’s okay if that disciple of yours will be transferred to other, I was hurt and I was been idled for several months or maybe a year. There were times that they will leave you without you knowing that it was already for good, and that I was left alone and felt to give up, BUT, He never let me go on my mission on
this earth. He continue to open doors and to let me see that there’s always a new HOPE in Him, that everyday is a brand new start.

My heart is not perfectly whole again, but He makes new ways to let me start again and again. And I am so thankful and grateful for this people, nor I say my disciples that they are giving me courage, strength, faith that God is really at work in our lives.

My prayers is not to be a perfect or best cell leader I can be, all I pray to God is to be a good one, to be a strong tower for them, to guide them as they walk in His path. God, give me strength to face each new day with them and we may be at your Service at all times. Make me a good testimony.

My Cell Group
Orderliness of life comes from practicing the basic lifestyle: Devotion, Sunday Service, Cell Group and Training


Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give the desires of your heart. ~Psalm 37:4



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