POV: Carla 😊

She was once the Captain’s daughter. She was your grade school classmate who was first in line on a find-your-height basis. She was the high school girl who likes having her pictures taken. She was the chatty girl in college who may appear lax and happy-go-lucky, but she certainly knew what she wanted to be.

She is the girl in the office who bounces off from one department to another. She is friends with everyone, and she lights up the room with every story and joke. She is your mentor, your confidante, your best friend.

I cannot tell you everything that she is. I myself do not know her story. I’ve known her for a short while, but I believe in “quality over quantity.” For a limited period, I was able to grasp a teeny tiny bit of who she is. Literally and figuratively. Kidding! But seriously, she is not that big of a person, but her heart surely is so huge that she has a room for new people without forgetting the ones that once passed her life.

I am thankful that I am one of those people, and that I was able to be touched by this angel. More than a friend, she is an inspiration.

~C. M. Cruz~

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