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Road to Forever?

After the years have passed, it all disappears. This is what some couples fail to see. After how many years, the spark will go. The reasons why you loved the other person will be unknown. The butterflies in your stomach will soon disappear. You will forget why you liked that person in the first place.… Continue reading Road to Forever?

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Amo Yamie Crib: Experienced Forever 👩‍👧👭👯 – Mendiola 🍔🍴🍦🍹

"Don't take advantage of the people in your life that you call your friends...take advantage of the moments that you get to spend with them." And I found forever with them. We can't find time to be together as much as we wanted. We have different schedules, busy days, priorities and personal errands. But once we… Continue reading Amo Yamie Crib: Experienced Forever 👩‍👧👭👯 – Mendiola 🍔🍴🍦🍹