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Amo Yamie Crib: Experienced Forever 👩‍👧👭👯 – Mendiola 🍔🍴🍦🍹

"Don't take advantage of the people in your life that you call your friends...take advantage of the moments that you get to spend with them." And I found forever with them. We can't find time to be together as much as we wanted. We have different schedules, busy days, priorities and personal errands. But once we… Continue reading Amo Yamie Crib: Experienced Forever 👩‍👧👭👯 – Mendiola 🍔🍴🍦🍹


Hongkong Trip 2012

My first out of the country trip. And was an unexpected one. Thanks to my former colleague and now my true friend. ☺ Krystle It started with a joke that I wanted to join her on her trip to Hongkong and without any hesitation, she agreed.  She helped me find a seat sale and booked. Hooray!… Continue reading Hongkong Trip 2012