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Hello & Goodbye

Para sa isang kaibigan: Good in every “GoodByes” Hindi ko din alam kung paano nila nasasabi na Hey! There’s a good in every goodbye, kung sa bawat pag sabi mo nito anjan ang mga luha na kasabay nitong nahuhulog. 😢 Pero susubukan ko na majustify ang salitang GOODBYE in a positive note. 🙂 “People come and… Continue reading Hello & Goodbye

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Does She Care?

"She doesn't care if other girls message you, but she does care if you try to hide it from her. She doesn't care if you hang out with your female friends, but she does care if you do it behind her back. She doesn't care if you're out with your friends, but she does care if… Continue reading Does She Care?

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And Yes! I was TRICKED 😠

Trahison de l'Amitié One wish I wanted to do: That is to BLOCK you in my life. I think if I'll do this it will help me cope up with what happened. I trusted you so much because I thought you will understand what I am going through since you showed me you do. I… Continue reading And Yes! I was TRICKED 😠